Kabali hit ya flop

Kabali Movie Review and Ratings – Hit Ya Flop

Kabali hit ya flop

Ever since, it was announced that Rajinikanth would feature in the movie Kabali, the expectations, craziness among the fans was to look for. Going for the movie with utmost pleasure to watch Rajinikanth acting and spreading his magic amidst the whistles and lauds is beyond Imaginations. However, have the film succeeded after the much hype? The answer to this would not be easy. It is because Kabali is not a full on Rajini Film and a bit on a slower and stretchy side. Yes, the movie does well in bits and pieces, and this can be pulled only because of the superstar Rajinikanth.  The best part of the film is that Rajinikanth is playing his age and shows the same Rajini styles, Poses what audiences want to see. Earlier it was all set to release with Sultan movie on EID 2016.

Kabali starts with the age-old Don, Kabali being relieved from the jail after 25 long years. Meanwhile, his two strongest Don Rivals, Tony Lee played by famous Taiwanese actor Winston Chao and Veerasaker played by Kishore has emerged as the most powerful gangsters in the nation. They are in the light to kick off the old age don even before he blooms. But Kabali is on a different mission after setting out from the jail. Kabali wants to find out his wife who was pregnant at the time of his arrest.  It is how the movie gets forward amidst the violence and emotional drama. But this is not executed well. In fact, at time audiences might feel it be a dragged one. The Drama, which Director Ranjith wanted to create out of the very ordinary gangster and family story, fails.

It is fun to watch poignant scenes of Rajinikanth, and his action style is worth a whistle. Audiences do enjoy the fight sequences. There are more than necessary fight sequences. There is bloodshed now and then. You do want to hoot for the Charisma of that superstar, but the story lacks the hooting. Director has done a good role along with supporting roles by his on-screen wife Kumudha played by Radhika Apte. Dhansikaa has also delivered a dominant role. Now you can download Sultan movie in awesome print from here.

Kabali is surely not the best Rajini Film one would have seen but at this age, Rajinikanth is still able to deliver what he is known for. His aura, style, persona all is worth watching. The movie has broken all previous records at the box office and would still dos in coming weeks. Do watch for Rajinikanth else an Average Drama Film!!!